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Why Use Us?

At Stekko, we are often closely involved with the development of client’s designs and specifications. A wealth of knowledge in the pharmaceutical, process, bio-tech, food , dairy and beverage sectors enables us to share our strengths with our clients.


We are able to offer all aspects of design and feasibility studies, from concepts, to individual components and onto full Project design We are able to offer CAD Revision 10 facilities and are familiar with taking clients design instruction or URS to interpret and formulate detailed proposals.

”Stekko offers a value for money competent project management service”*


With a manufacturing facility fully equipped to carry out fabrication, sheet metal work, machining and polishing, clients can be assured absolute control is maintained “in house”.

Welder Qualification requirements for the majority of the most frequently required standards are held. Others can readily be obtained, should a particular project dictate.

In house mechanical polishing ensures the required standards are met.

Electropolishing can be carried out by our trusted, ISO9001:2008 contractor.

“We take pride in what we do, we build quality into what we make”

Inspection and Testing

To ensure compliance of our products, we offer the following, all carried out “in-house”.

Dimensional inspection.
Dye Penetration inspection.
Hydrostatic pressure testing.
Functional Operation of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems.
Surface Condition and Roughness(Ra) Inspection.
Boroscope visual inspection.
Full documentation packages.

In addition to these services, we frequently liaise with third parties to provide the following :

X Ray.
Dynamic balancing.
High Pressure testing.
Accredited Body liason.

(*statements from a recent customer satisfaction survey)